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How a Logo Design Contest Works

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Get a logo you love in just three easy steps:

Host a logo design contest to get thousands of talented designers to compete.
You pick a custom-made logo design you love, or your money back!

Post your Logo Design Contest

Write a job description for your contest, choose a package, set a time limit, prepay the reward and post your job.

Why should you prepay the contest reward?

Receive many unique logo designs from professional designers

During the bidding period of the contest, designers will submit designs based on your job description. Be sure to provide
continual feedback to ensure that you receive a design that you love.You may ask for changes and revisions to the design.

We guarantee the number of designers working for you in a Witmart-Assurance Contest.

Pay for the logo you like best

When your contest ends, pick a winner and award the prize. After you award a winner, you will receive the final design
and copyright for the original design(s) from the winning designer(s).

Witmart quality and value is second to none. Compare for yourself.

Get Started Now

Toll Free: 1-877-WITMART(948-6278) US and Canada    Email: [email protected]

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