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Do You need Professional Services...

...but can't find the right person?
You don't need full time help, just quality freelance?
Don't limit your business potential, just limit the hassle!

Witmart has the answer to your staffing needs - it's as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Design a Contest or Contract Job Tailored to Your Business

    Witmart offers two ways to post jobs and get the services you need

    Specify what you'll pay (the "reward"), choose the best bid and pay the winner.

    Ideal for: Logo Design, Business Card Design, Website Design, Slogan Writing, Marketing Promotions and more

    Choose a Freelancer based on their qualifications: negotiate the payment (the "reward"), what the job entails and when it will be completed. You pay the reward only when the work is done!

    Ideal for: Longer term or multi-phrase jobs like Website Development, Programming, Translation, Copywriting and more

    ? Quick solution
    ? Light workload
    ? Different perspectives

    ? Constant communication
    ? Heavy workload
    ? More time

    Two great ways to hire - you be the judge!

  • Post your job: the right Freelancers will find you attracts a wide variety of professional service Providers. Your job and your business will get the attention it deserves.

    Freelancers complete the job and submit their ideas.

    Freelancers bid on the job by submitting their qualifications and ideas.

  • You Pay Only for the Winning Result

    Choose the best solution(s) and make payment (the "reward") to the winner(s)

    Choose your service Provider and begin working with them. Payment can be made in stages or as a lump sum reward, depending on the nature and progress of the job.


Risk-free: Money back guarantee

Your money is refunded if you don't get any bids. Easy and no-risk - a winning combination!

It's Easy: Your Search for Service Providers Made Simple

With Witmart's Provider Profile feature, you can check a Provider's experience, recent transactions, and feedback rating - and it's all to help you make the right choice.

Reliable: Make A Confident Choice

Witmart conducts Provider Identity Verification by email and by phone.
Elite Providers will be invited to maintain Provider Certification.

Post a Job

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